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Minimum pre-order is 5 lbs. (1 box holds ~15 lbs.).

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Grape Juice

 Red Grape Juice - 1 QuartAvailable$6.00Qty:
 Red Grape Juice - 1/2 GallonAvailable$10.00Qty:
 White Grape Juice - 1 QuartAvailable$6.00Qty:
 White Grape Juice - 1/2 GallonAvailable$10.00Qty:


CacoCacoAvailable$3.95/lbQty: (lb)
FredoniaFredoniaSold Out$3.95/lb 
DelawareDelawareSold Out$3.95/lb 
ConcordConcordAvailable$3.95/lbQty: (lb)


HimrodHimrodSold Out$4.95/lb 
Large, loose green clusters of oval, soft flavorful grape berries. The grapes have a honey-like flavor and a melting, juicy texture, reminiscent of candy. Great for Table eating or Cooking.
JupiterJupiterSold Out$4.95/lb 
Large,oval,sweet,distinct muscat flavor, dark blue berries on a classically shaped medium cluster. 
CanadiceCanadiceSold Out$4.95/lb 
Canadice produces medium clusters with small, sweet, red seedless berries. A slip-skin variety with tender and edible skin. Has a distinct labrusca flavor but not overpowering. Perfect for fresh eating, jams, or jellies,. 
MarquisMarquisSold Out$4.95/lb 
A vigorous, white seedless grape from the Geneva Breeding Program. This high flavor variety produces spherical berries on large shouldered clusters. Fruit ripens mid-season, and It also makes a nice table wine with hints of pineapple. 
LakemontLakemontSold Out$4.95/lb 
A sibling of Himrod, Lakemont has a milder flavor and more compact clusters with fairly small berries that are crisp, sweet, juicy and yellowish green. Lakemont makes excellent raisins. 
 NeptuneSold Out$4.95/lb 
Large, oval, crisp with distinct flavor, green berries on a classically shaped cluster.
 ThomcordsSold Out$4.95/lb 
 SomersetSold Out$4.95/lb 
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